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Anusha Naveen is a self taught, amateur artist born and raised in the southern part of India and moved to Virginia in the United States. She recently started using social media to make her place in the world of art. Holding a Masters degree in the field of fashion designing, she pursued her childhood interest of sketching by creating new and beautiful pieces of clothing. Eventually, she moved on to adding a few colours to these sketches and started realizing her growing passion towards art. “Sketching made me so happy, and once I started playing with colours, I was happier”, she says.

Her paintings comprise of contemporary and realistic art using oil paints and water colors. While trying her hand in acrylic painting, she also shares her ideas and techniques with a group of kids everyday by giving away painting lessons. She makes it a point to paint at least for an hour everyday.

Combining the contemplating substance of natural beauty with the hypothesis of man made beauty is the concept of her art.